Fairfield By Marriott Xi'an

Fairfield By Marriott Xi'an

well, when you wanna do something with your blog but don't know what to do with it. so I just scroll up a photo on my phone and saw I have a lot of photo of the hotel I stay in Xi'an China I few month ago. I think it will be nice to share it with you. I would say this is like a tour hotel more then where a solo traveler will stay. you can't choose where you want to stay when you go travel with a tour but this hotel is good enough for me. a little bit far from the city but who's care I have a bus tour to take me anywhere anyway. the hotel is clean and in a quit location, quit I mean not in the city but the hotel is right on the street so if you don't like the sound of the street and car maybe you should skip this. enjoy!

so here is where you walk-in not bad huh. I really love it. I love the place that don't have a lot of stuff or too much decoration. it feel clean and nice to stay for a vacation.

fist thing you see when you walk in is this small refrigerator, safety box and television hanging on the wall.

this is what you will see when you're on the bed

right side of the television. the couch is really comfortable have a lot of space I think two people can sleep on this

the view from the couch is really nice (city view)

here come the best part big, comfy and clean bed with modern and minimal bathroom decor 

I guarantee you can get a nice photo from this bathroom the lighting is good. you can facing the sink and take a selfie mirror and get a nice background from the showering wall but because im so busy going outside I forgot to take one.

this is the couch I told you. comfy and cill

did I tell you they have a giant mirror for a cool selfie when you walk-in? yeah they have.

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