Winter Movie Must Watch 2019

Winter Movie Must Watch 2019

Hi love, as you know winter is coming. I'm actually listen to Christmas song since the beginning of October lol I know but really who doesn't. I think I will be nice to share one of my favourite Winter/Christmas movie vibe with you guys.

When it come to Christmas movie for me it doesn't have to name Christmas on the movie or even have a Santa in it but it's all about the vibe the coziness a little bit of festive music a little bit of snow. I believe if you are a fan of Christmas you know what im talking about because I AM A BIG FAN of Christmas I wish their is Christmas all year round. ok enough with that obsessetion. here is my favourite Winter/Christmas movie 2019


Yesss! it is Bridget Jones's Diary. Can you say no to this? All the vibe even her room! The coziness and that snow! come one I know you love it too xx


Okayyy! this is a little bit personal. one of my childhood movie and I don't watched it a lot maybe once every 3 years because I want to keep it special. you know when you over watched it, it can be bored. talk about the vibe in this movie. I love 90' vibe, that 1st iPhone the outfit, light makeup. love it xx


Daddy's home 2

not an old movie but this can give you a whole Christmas vibe and did I mention it funny? yes, its really funny. you can watch this alone or with you family. Perfect!


here we come. the last one. I know, I know. Harry Potter is not a Christmas movie but you can't denied this movie can give you a Christmas vibe. I don't think I have to explain anything. and also not every Harry Potter movie have a Christmas theme.


And that's it! what do you think? I know there is some Christmas movie I didn't mention like Gossip Girl but for me when I watched Gossip Girl it take a weeks or so to finish it. especially when you just watch it in the beginning of the year I don't have that much patience to watch it again that's why I didn't mention it.

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