What I Wore In Cape Town, South Africa

What I Wore In Cape Town, South Africa

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Sweatshirt(here!)/ Mom jeans (here!)



Jumper (here!)/ Dress (here!)


Snapseed 2LRG_DSC00630

Sweater (Similar here!)/ Skirt (Sorry no brand)


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Sunglasses (here!)/ Dress (here!) / Shoes (here!) / Bag (here!)


Good morning loves! Where ever you are. I just wanna say thank you for stopping by <3 As you see on the tiles, I went to Cape Town, South Africa!!! but we will talk about that later. For now I want to show you how I dressed. Typical me, I don't care about the weather. As long as it's not below 0, I will wear off the shoulder. And YES! I'm Asia that's why I love winter. (Of course not every Asia love winter but for me? Obsessed!) First looks was very easy to style don't have to overthinking about anything. I knew I have to go to the mountain and Cape Town are so windy! So sweatshirt is a choice. Second day I have to go on the boat to see a sea lion. Even though I don't have abeautiful picture with a sea lion for you because I feel seasick that's why. I thought colour of my jumper would match the colour of the sea and I mad it cuter by wore light pink dress underneath. Day 3 VERY VERY simple some cozy cardigan and puffy skirt and that's it! Oh!. .. and no make up by the way. I don't have eyebrows for 7 days! How crazy is that? because I forgot to put eyebrows pencil in my make up bag and too lazy to buy a new one hmmm Shame! Finally last day in Cape Town. I decided to have some fun, so I put colourful dress on plus+ off the shoulder voilà! Hope you guys enjoy my blogs. Have you ever been to Cape Town? And what do you think about it? Muahh x

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